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Financial Prosperity

Start planning your future


Filling Out Tax Form

Financial Planning

Understanding the decisions we will face in retirement is key.  We help identify your retirement income needs and objectives and evaluate your current situation to create a customized financial plan.

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Tax Considerations

Qualified plan distribution options 

Tax treatment of Pensions and IRAs

Minimum distribution rules

Tax efficient withdrawal strategies 

Tax treatment of annuities

Tax treatment of Social Security

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Insurance Planning

Insurance planning plays an essential role in your overall financial plan.  Health Insurance, Medigap Insurance, Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance are tools to use to protect and enhance your financial future.



We offer a full range of financial services including financial planning, investment advice, tax planning, and insurance services.  We carry a passion for the transformative power of financial literacy to lift up individuals, families, communities, and small businesses.  Our mission is to make professional financial advice and investment services accessible to everyone.

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