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Financial Planning

Our “Life First” Philosophy - A client-centered financial planning process

At Vestal Retirement Solutions, our "Life First" service philosophy is represented by a client-centric, process-driven approach to mapping out your life vision and developing a plan to serve the values that are most important to you. After all, we believe it's not about what your money can buy you, but rather what you want your money to do for you.

What should your Financial Plan DO for you?
After stripping away the strategies, numbers, and complexities, a holistic financial plan should at its fundamental core help you accomplish the following:

     • Help and Protect Family
     • Protect and Enjoy Lifestyle
     • Achieve Financial Comfort
     • Plan for the Expected and Unexpected
     • Build a Legacy

What should your Financial Advisor DO for you?
Our view is that yesterday's financial advisor who simply managed your investments should be a thing of the past.  Your financial plan needs to be about so much more than dollar figures.  Today's advisor should help:

     • Organize and bring clarity to your financial life so you can better understand how the puzzle pieces fit together
     • Clarify financial goals by taking you through a process-driven approach that helps you identify the financial matters in your life that are most important to you
     • Develop a plan, in partnership with you, that aligns with your own goals, values, and vision, and is understandable and easy to follow so you can sleep easy with a sense of comfort
     • Keep you on track by continuing to reassess your plan to make sure it evolves with any changes to your goals or the overall financial landscape

What should your Financial Advisor BE for you?
We believe the responsibilities of your advisor should extend beyond crunching numbers and showing you charts.  Today's advisor should be able to serve the following roles in your life:

     • A PARTNER in your financial life who works with you for the long term to develop and maintain the plans that help you reach your goals
     • An accountability COACH to make sure you stay directed towards your goals, help you make smart financial decisions, and give you a nudge when you need it
     • An EDUCATOR to explain the important elements of financial planning and bring your awareness to common financial risks most of us face
     • The first RESOURCE for you and your friends and family to ask the financial-related questions that life presents us

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